Artificial intelligence networks


Business Advisor (20%)

The business advisor will be responsible for writing the business plan and reviewing the business model. Additionally, the business advisor will act as a contact to niche business networks.

Major Accountabilities

• Develop and write the business plan

• Plan organic growth, scale-up and exit strategy

• Advice in strategic decisions

• Curate business aspects

• Networking

Minimum Requirements


• Working experience in a start-up

• Opinion-leader

• Background in digital technologies

• Trusted person

• Pleasant to work with

Front-End Software Developer (50%, Freelancer)

The front-end software developer will be responsible for the development and design of the web application. Additionally, the software developer will interact organically with the back-end developers with a direct impact on final software.

Major Accountabilities

• Develop and improve front-end

• Research and advice in software development

• Curate aesthetic aspects

Minimum Requirements

• Master in Computer Sciences (ETHZ) or PhD

• Working experience with industry standards of front-end design

• German and English language

• Trustworthy, independent and with an advanced sense of aesthetics

• Pleasant to work with

Full-Stack Software Developer (100%, Freelancer)

The full-stack software developer will be mainly responsible for back-end development of the software. Flexibility and independency to bring modifications to the front-end design of a web application is required.

Major Accountabilities

• Develop and improve back-end (C#/C++, Python/R, Databases)

• Modifications to front-end design (Javascript)

• Software testing and deployment

Minimum Requirements

• Master in Computer Sciences (ETHZ), PhD or experience

• Working experience with industry standards of software deployment

• Knowledge in machine learning and life sciences is beneficial

• Trustworthy, independent and efficient


To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter to [email protected]